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crmspace is the leading SuiteCRM integrator in the German-speaking region. Our expertise enables tailored CRM solutions to strengthen your customer relationships.

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Who We Are

crmspace is more than just a service provider. We are your partners on the journey to top-notch CRM solutions.

Our journey with SuiteCRM began many years ago. Since then, we have successfully implemented numerous SuiteCRM systems, tailored to a wide range of customer requirements. Our list of references speaks for itself and is proof of our dedication and expertise.

Our team is professional and committed. We understand your unique requirements and develop solutions that drive your business forward. Our history, network, and experience make us your valuable SuiteCRM partner. We look forward to continuing your journey into a new CRM era with you and crafting success stories together.

This Is Us

crmspace is a well-coordinated team of dedicated and professional experts who blend business acumen and industry knowledge with deep technical expertise and extensive professional experience. We work in an interdisciplinary and agile manner to ensure project success for our clients.

At crmspace, we collaborate closely with the SuiteCRM developer community to provide comprehensive CRM solutions to our clients. We are not only active code contributors but also proud operators of the German-speaking developer forum.

Our close partnership with the SuiteCRM Store and our extensive experience with numerous SuiteCRM extensions are valuable assets for our clients.

Our Mission

Our mission is to develop innovative open-source CRM solutions and assist companies in building strong customer relationships.

Our Vision

Our vision is to be a leading provider of tailored open-source CRM systems throughout Europe, driving the success of our customers.

Explore our diverse offerings in the world of SuiteCRM

Embark on a journey into the realm of open-source CRM solutions with our tailored offerings. We provide you with customized CRM solutions, support, training, and much more to ensure that you get the most out of your CRM system. Discover now how we can enhance your business with SuiteCRM.

Expert Team

Portrait of Dr. Sebastian Ludorf, a partner at the SuiteCRM integrator crmspace
Dr. Sebastian Ludorf Managing Director, Project Manager, Business Economist (Dr. rer. pol.)

Sebastian Ludorf is your dedicated point of contact for the implementation of your CRM project, accompanying you from the kick-off to the go-live.

Portrait of Martin Petek, a partner at the SuiteCRM integrator crmspace
Martin Petek Senior Consultant
IT Specialist

Martin Petek guides you through the implementation of innovative CRM solutions, including the design and creation of business and IT concepts.

Portrait of Felix Fritzsche, a partner at the SuiteCRM integrator crmspace
Felix Fritzsche Solution Architect
M. Sc. in Business Informatics

As a Solution Architect, Felix Fritzsche is your long-standing expert for all technical concepts and requirements management.

Our Partners

At crmspace, we strategically rely on a strong partner network consisting of providers of complementary SuiteCRM products and services. All of our partners are market leaders in their respective fields. If necessary, we collaborate closely to ensure the success of your project.
Company logo of Implicit Inc., a partner of the SuiteCRM integrator crmspace

Implicit FrontEnd is a comprehensive Outlook integration solution that enables users to manage all their CRM tasks directly from Outlook:

  • Full bidirectional synchronization of Outlook contacts and calendars with CRM data such as companies, opportunities, leads, etc.
  • Manual and automatic, rule-based email archiving and automation
  • Collaboration and approval tools
  • Management tools for sales managers and CRM administrators
Company logo of snapADDY, a partner of the SuiteCRM integrator crmspace
The software solutions from snapADDY ensure a clean, up-to-date, and well-structured CRM system with less time and without the hassle of manual data entry. snapADDY enables more efficient and faster work with contact data in marketing and sales through its CRM add-ons. Already, over 1,200 companies utilize these intelligent software solutions for enhanced digital contact capture and data maintenance, thus digitizing their sales and marketing processes.
Company logo of YATHIT, a partner of the SuiteCRM integrator crmspace
Yathit specializes in developing mobile apps, Chrome extensions, and Gmail add-ons for SuiteCRM, offering fast and modern user experiences. Yathit solutions are renowned for their ease of installation without the need for server-side backend implementation. Headquartered in Singapore, Yathit’s products and services are used by over 600 small and medium-sized businesses across 19 countries.
Company logo of Content Optimizer, a partner of the SuiteCRM integrator crmspace
Content Optimizer specializes in privacy-friendly marketing with Mautic. As an ideal complement to SuiteCRM, Mautic offers automatic campaigns, lead generation, email marketing, forms, and website tracking. The automatic synchronization ensures consistently high data quality and convenient control of your marketing campaigns directly from SuiteCRM.

Our References

These selected references clearly demonstrate how SuiteCRM can be easily and flexibly adapted to various industry contexts. The software is suitable for both smaller and larger organizations.