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SuiteCRM Mobile App: Stay Connected Anytime with YATHIT

Today, the ability to stay connected with your CRM system on the go is a real advantage. Thanks to our trusted crmspace partner YATHIT, you can now harness the power of SuiteCRM wherever you are with their comprehensive SuiteCRM Mobile App.

The Power of Mobility

In the modern business landscape, mobility is a crucial factor in maintaining productivity and customer relationships. Your sales and support teams need to access critical CRM data, update records, and communicate with clients, even when they are not at their desks. This is where the YATHIT SuiteCRM Mobile App comes into play.

Key Features of the SuiteCRM Mobile App:

  • Seamless Integration: The app offers seamless integration with your SuiteCRM instance. You can access all your CRM data from your mobile device, including leads, contacts, companies, and opportunities.
  • Real-Time Updates: Stay informed about your CRM activities in real-time. Whether it’s a new lead, a closed sale, or an updated contact, you are always up to date.
  • Contact Management: Manage your CRM contacts conveniently on the go. You can add, edit, or delete contacts and link them to various modules to ensure your CRM data is always up-to-date.
  • Calendar and Task Management: Keep track of your schedule and tasks with the app’s integrated calendar and task management features. Schedule appointments, create tasks, and set reminders, all from your mobile device.
  • Offline Access: Don’t worry about connectivity issues. The app allows you to work offline and automatically syncs your data when you’re back online.
  • Call and Email Integration: Make calls and send emails directly through the app using your phone’s call and email applications. All communication is automatically logged in your CRM.
  • Mobile Document Management: Access important documents stored in your CRM on the go. Documents can be seamlessly viewed and shared.

What Sets YATHIT Apart?

YATHIT is a recognized market leader in providing high-quality mobile CRM solutions with a strong focus on SuiteCRM. The SuiteCRM Mobile App is designed to offer a complete CRM experience on mobile devices. Here are some key points that set YATHIT apart:

Commitment to Quality: YATHIT is known for delivering high-quality, reliable, and user-friendly mobile solutions.

Fast Support: If you encounter issues or need assistance, YATHIT’s support team is just an email or a call away to ensure your mobile access runs smoothly.

Regular Updates: With technology constantly evolving, YATHIT continuously refines and improves its solutions to ensure you’re always up to date.

Take Your CRM Anywhere

The SuiteCRM Mobile App by YATHIT allows your sales and support teams to take your CRM system with them wherever they go. Whether meeting clients, attending events, or working remotely, you have the full power of SuiteCRM literally in the palm of your hand.

At crmspace, we’re delighted to have YATHIT as our partner, providing you with this versatile and valuable tool to help you stay connected on the go, enhance customer relationships, and boost your productivity.

Contact us today to learn more about the YATHIT SuiteCRM Mobile App and how it can revolutionize the way you do business on the move. Stay connected, stay productive!

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